Amy Charles 

Using the ancient wisdom of the runes and my training in mental health to support you on your journey to wellbeing.


Meet Amy

My journey of healing and self discovery has included:  mental health peer support, a deeper understanding and connection to nature, and the uncovering of my ancient Germanic ancestry. It was researching the ways of my ancestors that led me to the Elder Futhark Runes. I have been studying and working with the runes for the past 3 years and share rune readings with anyone who feels their call...

“I attended Amy’s Runes for Wellbeing workshop and I absolutely loved it! Amy has such a soft but powerful presence and really encourages you to lean into your intuition. She makes you feel safe to open up about your thoughts and beliefs and gives you the space to be heard. I learnt a lot from her and it was a lovely relaxing morning with likeminded people in nature.”
Jess, Runes for Wellbeing participant

Sessions with Amy

Through my training and background in mental health peer support, I am able to provide you with a safe place to share your thoughts and life experiences, whilst using the beautiful practice of the Elder Futhark Runes as a tool for reflection. 

Here your voice is heard and your experiences are validated. 

It's also a place where the spiritual aspect of life is up for discussion where thoughts and beliefs can be shared without judgement. 

mind, body and spirit.