About Amy

I am a trained mental health peer support worker from West Yorkshire, UK. I facilitated peer support for a local mental health charity for 2 years and now work as a Mental Health Community Builder for young people, which involves developing wellbeing support for 16 - 25 year olds within the voluntary and community sector in my home city. Previously I spent 6+ years as a freelance photographer and writer and now use creative self expression as a tool for healing in my work. 

Discussions about how to nurture the mind and body are important when it comes to mental health and wellbeing, however, I'm meeting more people looking for a safe space to explore how nurturing their spiritual self can also have an impact.


My intention is to provide that safe space where mental health and the spiritual aspect of life is up for discussion. In my one-to-one and workshop sessions we share our experiences and beliefs freely, explore the healing wisdom of the ancient Germanic people, whilst drawing on this wisdom to help manage our wellbeing through the nurturing of mind, body and spirit. 

Education and Certifications

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SEG Awards ABC Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills, 2019 

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Level 3 Award in Education and Training, 2017 

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BA Hons Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, 2011 

Please note: I am not a counsellor, nor am I trained to support people in crisis or who may be looking for a space to explore trauma. What I can offer is empathy, no judgement, and a space for reflection to help you tap into your own inner guidance.

If you are living in the UK and you or someone you know needs urgent support please go to: 

Sat on top of Óðinn's hill in North Yorkshire holding the 'A' rune: Ansuz. Ansuz is associated with inspiration, communication, and all things Óðinn.

Why Runes?

I first came across the runes during a difficult experience I was having with my mental health. I have since used them to develop my spiritual practice and as a guide to help me release and heal from past trauma. Interestingly, I would go on to learn that the runes presented themselves to Óðinn/Woden, the All-Father god of the ancient Germanic and Scandinavian people, after a time of intense trials and self sacrifice. I'm not saying I experienced the same initiation, or that I believe the stories of Óðinn are based on fact. What I do think this means is that when a person finds herself ready to give in, this complete surrender can activate the runes (aka: 'secrets/mysteries') within, and allow truth, wisdom and understanding to flow into her wounds. 

The runes have taught me:

  • The energy creating my being is in all things and there is nothing that is separate from my spirit self.

  • I can load these energies with emotion and intention to bring transformation into my life.

  • There is a cycle to all things and the different stages of these cycles can offer lessons and potential for growth.

  • Whether I am consciously aware of it or not, that which I focus on can determine what I experience in my outside world.

  • The answers I'm looking for are already within me.

  • I am enough, just as I am.

Read more to find out about the history of the runes and how I work with them in my rune readings.