About the Runes

The Elder Futhark Runes mean different things to different people. For some they are nothing more than an ancient alphabet and the origin of Germanic languages spoken in the world today (English being one of them!). For others they are a source of mystery and magic.

I will not attempt to unfold the history and mythology of the runes but here's a brief overview of what I've learnt about them -

  • The Elder Futhark Runes are made up of 24 symbols that each have a phonetical, numerological and symbolic value.

  • Carvings of these symbols have been found throughout Scandinavia and Germanic parts of Europe dating back to 250BC, often in the form of a magically loaded inscription. 

  • In Old Norse (language of the Vikings) and Old English, the word rune means 'mystery' or 'secret'.

  • The runes were used as tools to uncover the secrets of nature and this matrix we call life. They helped people from the ancient Germanic world understand the energy permeating through all things, and how to use this energy to bring healing and transformation into their lives and the lives of others. 

This is the understanding I have come to about the runes from my own research and experiences. Like I said, they mean different things to different people and I always suggest personal research to gain your own understanding of them.


The conclusion I've come to is that they are much more than just an alphabet...

Óðinn's hill, North Yorkshire 

How I work with them

Each rune has its own symbolic meaning and offers a question or a lesson. When called on to help with a difficult circumstance, or a period of confusion in our lives, the runes can help us ask the right questions and tap into the higher wisdom I believe we all have within us. For example, if the ᚠ 'Fehu' rune came up in a reading I would suggest we spend some time reflecting on values, including life values and self-value. What values are important to you? Is there something blocking you in being able to stay true to your values right now? How do you perceive your own value?

The runes are often referred to as a divination tool but I do not use the runes to predict a person's future. I actually don't believe this is possible and would be weary of anyone who claims to be able to do this. 


My intention for sharing my experiences and understanding of the runes is to help others connect with their ancestral roots as well as their own higher guidance. If you are feeling the call of the runes then please get in touch!