One to One Sessions 

Things in your life getting a bit overwhelming?
Not sure what next steps to take?
Want to speak to someone who understands?
Using my training in mental health peer support, I offer a safe space for you to reflect and ask questions. I use the Elder Futhark Runes as a guide to support you to connect with your higher guidance and any lessons that life currently may be offering. I am not a physic or medium or have any intention of using the runes to predict future life events. Click here to find out more about the runes and how I work with them.

I offer one to one support and rune readings on a donation basis. This means there is no set fee so you can pay according to what you can afford or what you feel is appropriate for the service you received.
Things in your life getting a bit overwhelming?
Not sure what next steps to take?
Want to speak to someone who understands?
"I was young once, 
I walked alone
and I became lost on my way.
I felt like I was rich
when I met another traveler - 
people's joy is in other people."
- Hávamál


Learn about the healing wisdom of the ancient Germanic people.
Connect with the runes.
Meet and be supported by like-minded people

As well as supporting people one to one, I also like to teach others about the runes, their history, and the spiritual teachings of the ancient Germanic world. My workshops have a wellbeing focus and involve peer support (this means that everyone who attends shares their lived experience in a safe and non judgemental space), the runes, and the ancient healing wisdom of my ancestors as a guide.

My workshops are stand alone 1.5 hour sessions and can be delivered online or in person.

Workshop themes include:

    Introduction to the Runes

    Building Self Esteem

     Confidence and Communication

ᛈ    What is Destiny?

     Building Healthy Relationships

     Mental Health and Spiritual Awakening

Whether you are a charity, a voluntary organisation, or a business looking to explore a different kind of wellbeing support for your staff, if you're interested in hosting me to deliver a workshop then please get in touch.


(I offer my workshops on a pay-what-you-feel donation basis)

“I attended Amy’s Runes for Wellbeing workshop and I absolutely loved it! Amy has such a soft but powerful presence and really encourages you to lean into your intuition. She makes you feel safe to open up about your thoughts and beliefs and gives you the space to be heard. I learnt a lot from her and it was a lovely relaxing morning with likeminded people in nature.”
Jess, Runes for Wellbeing participant